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We are #morethanjustgiving, we are the champions of small charities, we are a community and we are there for you 100%, just like the 100% of donations you will get. 


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Specifically focused on small charities across the UK. So far £2.5M has been raised on our platform for over 2000 small charities and local communities. 

Voted joint best for money given to charities, 2 years in a row 2020 & 2021

Charity Digital re-published a comparison list some of the free and cheap online fundraising platforms for charities on 10th August 2021. 

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Established for 6 years with an ever-growing donor base.

Founded in 2015 with a mission to level the playing field for small charities in the UK.

Unlike many other charity donation platforms, Givey are completely transparent on any costs which are part of the process of getting money from the platform to charities...

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Who are Stripe? Why do they need all these details? What does KYC mean? We know this is the boring stuff but we got you covered! 

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Water Harvest

"Fabulous - easy, really helpful support , 100% donation comes to us and platform is free to use"



Norwich Buddist Centre

"I'am thrilled with our Givey account! It's been so straightforward for folks to use"




Friends of Hartford Manor

"We have found Givey so helpful and easy to use"



Family Based Solutions

“As a small charity one of the best decisions we have ever made is choosing Givey as our donation platform. We used two previous platforms that were good but they lacked in care and attention with their customers."


Bridgend Farmhouse

“They're a small dynamic and personable team who have been really helpful and supportive. They're helped us whenever we have an issue or technical query and have advised us on how to improve our reach and helped to promote the project and fundraiser."

Herefordshire Growing Point

"My colleagues who have set up Givey donation on our website said that installation was user friendly, and interactions with your staff were courteous and helpful. So, a thumbs up from the charity end, and as a donor, I found the process simple and efficient.”

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